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Do you want to gush and fawn at length over your favourite album? Do you want to bring attention to your own personal queer anthem? Do you have a hot take, unheard of by the cis-hetero world of music journalism? Then ICKY is the place for you!

ICKY's purpose is to build a bubbling network of discourse and creativity, led by queer and trans people, about queer and trans artists. Upon it's conception, ICKY's aim is to bring queer and trans people together through the connective power of music. Such an aim cannot be achieved without your input!


ICKY welcome's submissions at ALL TIMES. We are particularly interested in having submissions to The Collection and Anthem ICK, although if you have a piece that fits outside of these categories you are still more than welcome to submit your work! Your submissions can be as long or as short as you want, and can take any form you wish. We are not invested in reproducing the standardized album or track review. We at ICKY encourage you to be as creative in your music writing as possible, so go wild!


While ICKY is still growing, we are welcoming all types of pitches and ideas that queer and trans writers and creatives have to offer. This is your space and you are welcome to be bold and as imaginative as you like with your submissions. Do not be shy.

Email us at 


We hope to hear from you soon.

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