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Raise Up by Kindness

"Raise Up Your Different Ones", an Ongoing List of Resources to uplift the LGBTQ+ community
Artist's Pronouns: They/Them

Sometimes writing about music can feel an indulgent act. At least to me and my own writing. Perhaps it is an unnecessary feeling, born of my own self-deprecation, but when the world needs so much transformation, finding the energy and time to write about music, no matter how loving, restorative or healing such writing may be, I often see my writing as a potentially trivial practice. 


No matter the behaviors I hold towards my own writing, I will never see my devoted listening to music in the same light. For when I give myself to music and truly listen out for what it communicates, for the intent behind every small mosaic piece of its complete production, the necessary movements I need to take can unfold. Movements of my body and my mind, movements in thought, dance and action, can point me in the direction I need to go.

So instead of over-writing about Kindness's anthemic Raise Up, I want to listen and move with the song's intent. Below is the lovingly instructional chorus of Raise Up, followed by a list of resources to invest your time and money in. The resources focus on uplifting the LGBTQIA community, particularly our black trans siblings. Change is ever-growing and our list of resources will be routinely added to remind us this, so feel free to revisit and continue raising up.

Build your people
Make them equal
Raise up your different ones
Sibambaneni, Sibambaneni


Build your people
Make them equal
Raise up your different ones
Sibambaneni, Sibambaneni




Queer Black Musicians fund


Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective


Black Trans Protesters Emergency Fund

Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund

Support for Tony McDade’s Family

The Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

QTIPOC Hardship Fund

Exist Loudly Fund to Support Queer Black Young People

Black and Pink Bail Fund


For the Gworls

List of personal fundraisers for Black LGBTIQ+ people

Free Black University Fund

Brighton and Hove Black History

Out and Proud African LGBTI


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