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ICKY has taken many forms. It began as a student radio show, then became a late night hour of music on Platform B, and now ICKY has dripped online! But no matter the form, the focus has always been to showcase and celebrate music made by lgbtqia artists. Such an exhibition of queer and trans artistry comes from the constant life force such art has provided me.

Whether it's in pulsating club basements, euphoric pop concerts or alone in my headphones, the expressions of queer and trans artists has continually sustained and informed my life. And this is not unique to just me, many music listeners under the lgbtqia umbrella have a similar relationship with their favourite songs, albums and artists. The purpose of ICKY's online iteration is to bring queer and trans folk together by providing a space in which we allow ourselves to be illuminated by our own musical reflections. This is a space to map the influence queer and trans artistry has on popular music. A place for you to wax poetic about the music that spoke to your queerness, your transness. ICKY is both a personal and historical acknowledgement of the impact music from the lgbtqia community has made, and will continue to make.

So let the sticky, icking goop of queer and trans pop taint your ears and change your life,


Love Harry Lindsey,

Founder of ICKY

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