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Queer and trans people have an indisputable influence on pop music. Ubiquitous musical tropes like the glam rockstar or the pop androgyne can be traced back to the black, queer expressionism of Big Mama Thornton and Little Richard. America's love affair with Disco began in the sweaty clubs of New York, within the ecstasy between the DJ's and their predominantly queer audiences. The artistic visions of many a pop icon exist in proximity to queerness, from Madonna's, perhaps appropriative, adoption of Ballroom culture to Charli XCX tapping into her fierce twitter standom. In all it's varying manifestations, pop music and queerness continue to exist together, in a complicated and icky symbiosis.


Here at ICKY, we want to reclaim pop's sticky, intermingling relationship with queerness by creating a digital network for queer and trans people to write, reflect and create work within, responding to music beloved and made by lgbtqia+ people.


To submit and pitch work, please email us at

Personal reflections and creative writings on albums by LGBTQIA artists, curated with the warm intimacy of a record collection.

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A growing mixtape of queer and trans songs, broadening and mutating the concept of the canonically gay anthem.

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